(I've several years of freelance writing experience… but this is my only "real" remote job.)


(Sep 2018 - Mar 2020)

I worked as an in-house remote content writer at Convert Insights, Inc. — a B2B SaaS into A/B testing, personalizations, and digital experiences.

Key responsibilities:

✓ Working on the content strategy and researching content ideas inline with S&M goals

✓ Doing keyword research and developing briefs

✓ Writing in-depth articles for the awareness, evaluation, and conversion stages of the buying journey

✓ Producing short-form copy for promoting the content

✓ Working on case studies, LinkedIn articles, and creating other content/copy formats

✓ Analyzing content performance

✓ Collaborating with the graphic designer for graphics for the blog content

✓ Developing and editing blog contributions from other team members

✓ Ghostwriting on behalf of the different team members

Some of my work for Convert.com:

Personalization-at-Scale for B2B: Delivering 100,000 Unique Experiences to 100,000 Users

Can You Use Brand Logos Without Express Consent? A Discussion For Account-Based Marketing Personalizations.

A/B Testing Statistical Significance: How and When to End a Test

"Disha spent over one and half years working at Convert.com in different content roles, starting as independent content writer for some individual pieces at doing the full research on each topic. We have seen that she is consistently able to bring one of the highest traffic volumes and backlinks per article... her content ranks well for qualified lead generation." — Dennis van der Heijden (Cofounder, Convert Insights, Inc.)

"Delivers great work, very creative and does great research. Delivered work is punctual and helped us greatly improve SEO rankings." — Computicate PSA

“Disha supported us in our transition from a formal technical blog to a more conversational and engaging one and by that helped us drive up our reading percentage and conversions. Not only that, but she proved her capability to learn a complicated technical subject (software coding), research new topics and find refreshing angles.” — WhiteSource

“Disha was yet again lovely to work with. She completed her post for us on-time and it was both well-researched and well-written just as she's done for us in previous jobs. Absolutely recommend!” — Wrike